BlockShow Asia 2018 Highlights

Thanks for joining us for another update as we recap our trip to Singapore for Blockshow Asia 2018!

The event was packed full of excitement from people and companies visiting from all over the world to be part of this signature event!

In this week’s article we will share with you some of the highlights from Blockshow! Even though we can’t fit all our great photos and videos into this one post, please do follow us on our other social channels as we post out highlights throughout the next few weeks!







Blockshow Asia 2018 Highlights!

As soon as we arrived for check in there was a huge line of people excited and ready to be the first ones into the ballroom for breakfast and the keynote speech!

Registration Line

We were instantly greeted by a cardboard cutout of these two very infamous gentlemen in the crypto space. Most of you probably know who they are, but if you are not aware just type into YouTube ‘Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork’ and you’ll find out very quickly.

LEFT: Roger Ver & Dr. Craig Wright, RIGHT: ICO Friends

JEFFREY HUANG Founder of Mithril, Creator of 17 Media, Top Live-Streaming App in Asia

Bridging Cryptocurrency with the Real World: How Social Dapp and Tokenization Enhances Crypto Circulation

Addy Crezee, CEO of Blockshow & Jefferey Huang, CEO of Mithril
Jefferey Huang, Founder of Mithril

DR. BEN GOERTZEL Artificial Intelligence Expert, Chief Scientist at Hanson Robotics, CEO at SingularityNET

How Decentralized AI Can Dominate the Global AI Ecosystem

The 1st Panel!

Beyond Crowdsales: The Post-ICO Future of Blockchain Investments

Left to Right, info below

HAN KAO Investor, Founder & CEO of CryptoBriefing, the largest independent crypto review platform

TONE VAYS Ex-Wall Street Professional, Crypto and Blockchain Educator, Researcher & Consultant

JANE LIPPENCOTT Investor, Head of Business Development at CoinFi, Founding Team of ZenCash

CAL EVANS Founder of Gresham International, Board Member of The British Blockchain Association

ERIC CHUNG CEO at BCI, a crypto VC based in Korea, Co-founder & Managing Partner at Vision Creator investment bank

We had the pleasure to meet Cal Evans right before he went live on the panel, what a great guy with the intelligence to back it up!

Cal Evans, Gresham International

We met so many great companies and people doing innovative and incredible things utilizing the blockchain. Here’s some photos of the awesome people we met…

LEFT:, MIDDLE: Jesse Johnson,, RIGHT: Nozomi,
LEFT:, MIDDLE: Anthony, CoinTelegraph RIGHT: DLM.World
LEFT: Alvin, MIDDLE: Tone Vays RIGHT:
LEFT: MarketKaps RIGHT: Treecoin

LEFT: Tysler ‘Tech Writer’ Steemit RIGHT: LicChain

We definitely made our way around and shared our mission of what we here at SoMee are all about! We will continue to spread the good word of SoMee as we attend more conferences throughout the new year!


“To redefine the social media experience by inspiring community, empowering choice, respecting privacy and rewarding all value created through the blockchain.”

We’d like to say thank you to Blockshow Asia for a great event, and thank you to Singapore for the breathtaking views and landscapes we truly did enjoy them as much as possible on this short trip!

We encourage everyone reading this to head over to to check out our live beta, and stay tuned for more exciting updates with our MVP coming soon!

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Until next time…

James Pelz