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UFC Stars Team Up to Fight Fake News with Cryptocurrency

OneName Global (onG) has announced the launch of their initial coin offering (ICO) to provide social media users with a blockchain-based unified dashboard across platforms to reduce fraudulent news.

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An IBM-incubated startup developing on dual blockchain (Waves and Ethereum), onG seeks to provide ease of control for both central and decentralized social media networks, while supporting digital interaction with cryptocurrency-based rewards.

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The user experience will consist of a dashboard which connects to the API of numerous social media platforms including Facebook, G+, LinkedIn and Youtube. It will also include API’s to decentralized networks such as Steemit, Akasha, Golem, MaidSafe, and others.

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The team at onG believes the crux of the platform is the technology’s reliance on community-verified truth for each post made to social media. This allows for contributors to be rewarded with cryptocurrency based on community checked standards.

The onG team consists of a combination of tech executives and ex-alum of the UFC, including co-founder Adrian “Tenacity” Rosenbusch with evangelization by Kenny Florian.

Rosenbusch’s career include four years as a Cutman for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, ESPN/Top Rank Boxing, and HBO/Golden Boy Boxing. Florian currently serves as the UFC on Fox analyst and color commentator for UFC Fight Night.

This is just another case of sports personalities promoting an ICO. The Stox token sale got a massive boost when the American boxing champion Floyd Mayweather promoted Stox on Instagram, where he has over 16 million followers.