SoMee Offers ICO Advertisers Place to Launch & Manage Airdrop/Bounty Campaigns

SoMee Mission

To redefine the social media experience by inspiring community, empowering choice, respecting privacy and rewarding all value created through the blockchain.

Things are rolling for us over here at SoMee. We have a strong team of committed, innovative, and passionate individuals ready to grow. Our community is strong, enthusiastic, and supportive in our mission to redefine social media. We know this is no simple challenge, but we also see the value we can add not only to the crypto community, but also the mainstream.

For our first announcement, we have integrated a few really fun features now LIVE on!

  1. GIF
  2. Emojis😃🚀💸
  3. Time Bomb Messages

GIFs and emojis will live forever considering the emotion that visuals give us when we communicate with each other. These features are a must for any social platform!😉

The time bomb feature is fantastic as well because you can send a message and set it to explode as short as 5 seconds up to one day later. Privacy is a big part of our mission, and this feature gives you that additional option.

Let’s talk about some special features coming soon for ICO’s…

SoMee will offer a crypto friendly social media marketing platform that allows ICO advertisers to launch and manage airdrop/bounty campaigns that energize and streamline their communities for campaign promotions.

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